This urban curated flea market in lovely Washington Park is the bomb.  Here’s a photo collection of some of our favorite vendors from last year’s kick-off.

Pictured above:  Coffee Emporium, The Cedar Studio, The Lovely Teaspoon, Tracy Makanani Handcrafted Cards
Pictured above:  Ohio Valley Beard Supply, Oak Market Pop-up by Article, Decorum, Lily in Flux
Pictured above:  Be Ohio Proud, Bmethe art and design, Vintage Liz, Schneeman&Co. Vintage
Pictured above:  Hark+Hark, Hunky Dory Studio, Red Sesame, Anna Belucci’s Vintage
Pictured above:  Jodi Lynn Doodles, a stylin’ pooch, and some very cool people.

City Flea Schedule 2016:

May 21 / Washington Park 10a-4p

June 18 / Washington Park 10a-4p

July 16 / Washington Park 10a-4p

August 20 / Washington Park 10a-4p

September 17 / Washington Park 10a-4p

October 15 / Washington Park 10a-4p

Winter Dates to be decided

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