It’s that time of year when your social media feeds are full of beach pics and the ruddy complexions of friends lounging on far flung shores. Don’t let it get you down. Lex has all the makings for a perfect staycation. All you need is a little vitamin D and some gelato…

1. First, leave work early. This is essential to quelling any animosity you may feel toward roadtrippers. After all, you are escaping the traffic. So rejoice with a cocktail at Lockbox. Once the stress-easing, perfectly mixed libation starts doing its work, meander through the art in 21C’s lobby and reflect on what a great cosmopolitan city you live in. 167 W. Main St.

2. Suddenly, you develop a craving for avocado fries. You head to Limestone Blue. 133 N. Limestone

3. Summer is the perfect time to start an epistolary relationship. What? Have you no romance in your soul? You decide to browse through Paper on Stone. Your first card needs to set just the right tone. 215 N. Limestone

4. All those smiling faces with little yellow cups next door convince you to treat yourself. It is Summer, after all. Gelato from Sorella seems an imperative now. 219 N. Limestone

5. Fresh from your sugar high, you make your way home. But on the way, you see a happening crowd forming at Locals’. It would be nice to see the sunset. You decide to call a few pals and stay awhile. 701 National Ave.

6. Staycation Day Two: All that socializing yesterday just put you in the mood for more. You’re really hitting your stride now. You decide to hit up the Distillery District and Ethereal Brewing. 1224 Manchester St.

Great craft beer in Lex’s Distillery District @ethereal_brewing #everybodyneedsalittlemagic #lexingtonky

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7. Hmmm…Crank and Boom is practically next door. 1210 Manchester St.

8. Whoops, forgot to eat real food. Decide to bring home a pie from that new place in Midway–Mezzo. Then, Netflix and chill. Feet up, all is well. 131 E. Main St. Midway

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